SMAP provides a capability for global mapping of soil moisture and freeze/thaw state with unprecedented accuracy, resolution, and coverage. SMAP science objectives are to acquire space-based hydrosphere state measurements over a three-year period to understand processes that link the terrestrial water, energy and carbon cycles; estimate global water and energy fluxes at the land surface; quantify net carbon flux in boreal landscapes; enhance weather and climate forecast skill and develop improved flood prediction and drought monitoring capabilities.

Global sea surface salinity map
Sea Surface Salinity
Using the same frequency as Aquarius (L-band; 1.41 GHz), SMAP's global salinity measurements continue the time series that began with Aquarius in August 2011. (258 images)
Global radiometer RFI map
Radiometer RFI
The maps on this page show the percentage of SMAP samples that were flagged as radio frequency interference (RFI) and removed during data processing. (98 images)
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