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RFI Statistical Distribution and Missed Detection in Aquarius Radiometer Measurements
[23-Jul-2017] de Matthaeis, P. and Le Vine, D.M.
Presented at the 2017 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Aquarius is an microwave active/passive sensor whose main goal is to globally estimate sea surface salinity from space [1, 2]. Two instruments, a radar scatterometer and a radiometer, operate at L-band observing the same surface footprint almost simultaneously. The sensitivity to sea surface salinity (SSS) is given by the radiometer, while the scatterometer measurements provide a correction for sea surface roughness. Although the primary objective is the measurement of SSS, the instrument combination operates continuously, acquiring data over land and sea ice as well. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can occur in both the radiometer and the scatterometer bands of operation, and for this reason detection and mitigation of RFI was included in the data processing of both active and passive instruments. This paper will focus on the RFI processing for the Aquarius radiometer only and provide an update on the efforts to reduce the amount of missed RFI detection.

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