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Density, Salinity and Deep Ocean Currents
Investigating the Hydrosphere: Ocean Currents and Salinity
Source: PolarTREC Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating | PolarTREC
[26-May-2022] In part one of this two-part lesson students work in pairs to explore the effects of salinity on ocean stratication using a simple plastic shoebox-sized container in which they create a mini-ocean environment. Students will apply what they learn in the lab setting along with information gained in several online articles to a basic understanding of the Global Conveyor Belt and its effect on global climate.
This hands-on activity is suitable for learners in the middle grades and above, and takes about 1 week to complete in a formal education setting. Authors have provided extensive notes on objectives, lesson preparation, procedures, standards covered, extensions and resources, assessment worksheet and lab discussion questions, and credits. Scroll to bottom of web link provided to download pdf files of all materials for this investigation.
To access part two of this lesson plan, Investigating Earth's Hydrosphere: Ocean Currents and Temperature, see link Investigating Earth's Hydrosphere: Ocean Currents and Temperature | PolarTREC.

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