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Intensification of the Global Water Cycle and Evidence from Ocean Salinity: A Synthesis Review
[09-May-2020] Yu, L., Josey, S.A., Bingham, F.M., and Lee, T. The ocean plays a dominant role in the global water cycle. It is the center of action for global evaporation and precipitation, and supplies the moisture that falls as continental precipitation. It also acts to some extent as Nature's rain gauge as sea surface salinity (SSS) integrates the complex multifactorial variations in the water cycle. Despite the evidence of an intensified global water cycle under the global warming, two important questions remain: What is the pattern of the warming-induced intensification of the water cycle? And what is the rate of the intensification? This article provides a synthesis review of recent progress in diagnosing and understanding the changes in both the global water cycle and ocean salinity.
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